APD Order Management System


This project was initiated in 2018 to handle ordering of our model cars by wholesale clients around the world. Modern web-based tool with centralized database, multiple access roles and powerful on-the-fly reporting, it allows for efficient ordering and all related tasks. With access by users of 5 different categories OMS allows for efficient collaboration within our geographically diverse team. Invoicing, Reporting, Inventory management and Shipping Lists are among many supported functions.

Ease of Use

With both desktop and mobile versions supported, OMS is accessible from anywhere anytime. From registering new clients to changing prices for products on the fly, OMS was built with main goal in mind: ease of use. We use 'price rules' based on combination of product attributes. After defining rules, staff can set prices for large groups of products and/or modify pending orders, with a click of a button. Choice of 8 prices in different currencies for different geographic locations allows for maximum flexiblity.

Data Integrity Tests

System has online self-testing tool to check data integrity and help staff to find and fix possible attribute problems and correct missing information. If, for example, product does not have associated picture, color, scale or is not covered by price rule, this tool will point out the deficiency in online report.


PDF/Excel reports with different levels of detail can be generated by staff and clients on the fly. Both product and client reports are supported. Staff can generate different sales reports based on different criteria.

Inventory and Packing Lists

Dedicated staff person has full access to inventory functions. Inventory can be both manually adjusted and automatically calculated using different stock parameters and relevant order information. Packing list file can be generated, imported into the system and then automatically processed, order status, stock and other parameters are updated as a result.

Conclusion and Credits

At this point the project is quite mature, although is still actively improved. Many thanks to Peter Ross, Andreas Mueller, Susanna Fabbiani, Sandra, Jana and many others who provided input and suggested improvements. We hope that APDOMS has become valuable tool for efficient ordering and all related accounting functions. There are currently 1496 products in the system ready for ordering by more than 200 clients around the world.