Recent changes to APD OMS


February 2023
  • Add “Details” column to product; Update views and forms
  • Bug fix for visibility to certain clients:
  • Product form revisited: new product emails now sent in background; Products marked inactive until image present
  • Two new brands: "Monza Collection" and "Niki Lauda"

    January 2023
  • Show notes to clients on product view form
  • New bootstrap 5 / webpacker setup for the system; Upgrade from phased out old API and format. Simplified upload forms across the system

    December 2023
  • New format for emails: notify about new order, new product, product quantity, notify about changes to order, newsletter, new user, cancelled order
  • Simplified upload forms across the system
  • Packing list revisited - automatic inventory introduced. Stock is now updated based on shipped quantities

    November 2023
  • Product search by scale
  • PPOs revisited. « All PPOs » and « Acive PPO » column added; production role access added; xlsx export instead of CSV added.
  • Inventory Enhancements: addition of warehouse qty / supplier quantity. Modification of product model, product form, inventory index page, inventory upload function. Addition of « received from supplier » button
  • Setting up group discussion of OMS issues in GitHub with Sandra, Susanna, Joan, Sophia and Susan as members
  • Additional columns on index page requested by Sophia: Ordered | Shipped | Pending | Stock |
  • New order emails - change format and make it more attractive using bootstrap_email; updated logo :

    October 2023
  • Product image should be optional, default to 'default.jpg'
  • Updates of help file
  • Statistics pages: placements with the same ref code grouped together, stock column removed, results ordered by number of pieces shipped
  • “Date added” column added to product reports in PDF and XLS.

    September 2023
  • Backup server setup
  • Inventory pages fixes
  • Production pages, totals removed
  • Clients receiving multiple newsletters - fixed

    August 2023
  • Added new columns to product report
  • Added 2 types of product reports: with and without detail by client
  • Help file updates
  • User table in db: Deleted dormant accounts;
Reassign orders associated with old ecdbv emails to new Delete all ecdbv emails
  • Production role: added new/changed order emails without prices
  • Backup server setup: now accessible as
  • Update suppliers for all products based on supplied list
  • Optimize report generation speed for large reports

    July 2023
  • Sales Statistics pages
  • Newsletter stats pages
  • Change CSV/Excel default separators to European standard
  • Help file update to cover new and updated functionality
  • Add editable field “Delta” to inventory page for production role
  • Introduction of new category “packaging” to handle packaging products separately
  • Create unique index on ‘Name’ in clients table to prevent duplicate clients. Clean out duplicate clients that are in database now.

    June 2023
  • Downloadable client-specific price list (CSV, PDF, XLS) available from "Documents > Price List"
  • Client order import feature. Instead of manually entering each position in the order, client can now import order from file with 2 columns. CSV, XLS, XLSX are supported formats
  • "Hot&New" : new section in client pages: shows all products currently scheduled for production in one page and lets customers order directly from this list
  • Excel (XLS[x]) format import-export support throughout the system
  • New column 'Pending' in 'Products' and 'Hot&New' pages. It shows number of pieces currently on order
  • 'Weight' and 'Release Date' columns removed on Max' request
  • site was set up to test new features and for training. Orders are copied from production server overnight.

    May 2023
  • Shopping cart: add quantity to order for each item in product list in client pages
  • Add full resolution image (client pages)
  • Fix missing slash in url bug in all emails

    March 2023
  • Sort orders on client Summary page by ref_code, order number
  • Enable searches in client order Summary page
  • Fix error with initial price assignment on product creation
  • Change Scale field on product form from numeric to drop down populated by only select valid values
  • Add “notify clients” field to New Product Form
  • Add privileges to “production” role to add/modify products

    February 2023
  • Ordering enhancements: detailed changes are now shown. Each quantity change triggers staff email. History of changes with quantities and ref_codes is kept with the order. Placement cancellation email is sent to staff.
  • Client Snapshot enhancements: description added, search is now available based on order number or reference code; Sorting now supported for most columns
  • Default sorting for products is changed to newest first

    January 2023
  • Newsletter bulk email enhancements. Target list is now visible from newsletter management page. Emails are now sent to both subscrebed users and clients associated with them if their email is different

    October 2022
  • Access to european orders and global clients for the role "production"
  • Newsletter default sort order changed to creation date, descending

    September 2022
  • Delayed async delivery of newsletters. Error handler for bad adresses
  • Stock column not shown to clients
  • CSV of product report with stock column
  • Stock column added to product report; combined pending+active status
  • Manual prices readded to product form

    July 2022
  • Snapshot page created in client view. It shows only pending orders with product picture and totals
  • Two new brands added: Gilles Villeneuve and World Champion Collection

    November 2021
  • Low quantity alerts are now also sent to users with "production" role
  • New product emails are now sent only if there's no other versions of the product in the system

    October 2021
  • Newsletter test/send function added. Now supports attachments
  • Product index page now shows sortable creation date for the product
  • Newsletter page created. It replaces client mailer.
  • New product mailer revisited. Now sends individual targeted emails with pictures.
  • Preorder button added to client show product page
  • Email subscriptions added to client model. Accessible from client profile
  • Image file upload field added to new product form. This field is required
  • Front page image is now random of 10 most recent images
  • Navigation bar modified. Logo added

    Sept 2021
  • Order emails are now sent from email address
  • New data integrity function: "Products with outdated prices" to see if there are any products for which new price from matrix was not applied

    March 2021
  • Order reports added to client view
  • Price changes now also affect partially shipped orders
  • Missing hamburger menu bug fix
  • Quantity change emails suppressed for just cancelled orders
  • Project updated to latest ruby, rails, gems

    February 2021
  • Order search: production role can search for all orders, but price details, client details and POs will not be shown (1)
  • Product & client reports: CSV export file format updated to include order details in separate colums for itemized reports (3)
  • Production role related changes: Invoices, prices, clients, other than CN not shown. Prices excluded from pdf reports (3)
  • Bulk change to orders from price matrix page. All pending orders can now be set to updated prices. All pdfs, except for reports, are regenerated. Prices have to be applied to products before this change. Emails are sent to staff to notify about new totals for affected orders (4)
  • Self-test added for list of products without price rule (2)
  • Self-test added for missing price rules (2)
  • New price matrix with brand included. Search filters for this new matrix. (3)
  • Shopping cart updated to display correctly on all devices; Some product attributes added (2)

    January 2021
  • Email notification about order change (quantity only) is now sent to all staff members. Separate email notification is sent to client

    December 2020
  • China pages/separate access. CNY support. Product barcodes, QR codes

    August 2020
  • Cancelled order notification email added
  • Orders can now be marked as 'Paid' to prevent further changes to quantities after payment is received. All placements of paid order are set to 'Active'

    July 2020
  • Help sectin updated
  • Inventory upload - filled out inventory template can be now uploaded. Stock column will be updated for each product using corresponding value provided in the file
  • Inventory template - download from inventory index page (button at the bottom)
  • Pending placement quantity can now be changed by client and staff
  • About page updated. Client help page updated
  • Each individual placement in pending order can now be deleted by client and staff
  • Visibility is can now be set for each product
  • Prices are removed from new product form. Now updated from rules
  • Order edit form now has a discount that can be applied directly to the order. Invoice/PO is regenerated on each update
  • Shipping now can be done from shipping list. See help section for explanation how it works.
  • Active and shipped orders cannot be deleted from the system anymore

    June 2020
  • Can now differentiate between client made orders and orders made by staff on client's behalf. Client orders are color coded with blue
  • Shipped quantities are now shown on both reports
  • "Active" column added to products index page. Help file updated
  • Partial shipping for order placements. Accessible from both Order and PPO
  • Landing page shows random product image
  • Two new columns in inventory: stock and delta. "Ordered" column shows number of Active/Pending orders for the product
  • Individual positions in Order as well as whole Order can now be marked as "Shipped"
  • Order detail modal was showing only first 25 positions in the order (paginator default) this is now fixed. No pagination within this modal.
  • Product report now correctly shows only specific product placement data, not order totals
  • Image upload page added. Image with known ref_code is uploaded. Thumbnails are generated
  • Self-test updated; New test for pictures without corresponding product
  • Product mailer added. Notifies staff and admin about new product creation
  • "Disable" column in product index for staff
  • Products can now be deleted only if they don't have associated orders
  • Individual PPO placements can now be set to "Shipped"

    May 2020
  • 12 new reference codes and images
  • PPOS are regenerated on order cancellation/deletion
  • Inventory is now adjusted on order deletion/cancellation - only for pending orders
  • On suggestion for carmodel: in client role: added search in orders by Ref code, client name, Order#, PO and Invoice#
  • Documents section added to client role main page. Contains client and product reports relevant to the client

    Apr 2020
  • Many new pictures added
  • Picture processing script updated to support 2 thumbnail sizes and image padding, if necessary
  • PPO section added to documents

    Mar 2020
    • Placement details added to CSV export; ALL option added for order status in reports
    • CVS export functionality for Product and Client reports
    • PPOs now can be exported to CSV file
    • Multiple active PPOs can now be created
    • Manual price highlights in products table; Show product modal changed - shows bigger picture
    • "Last Shipped PPO" column added to inventory
    • Product reports added. PPOs shown in Documents drop-down


    Feb 2020
    • Production purchase orders added; New "Documents" drop-down instead of "Reports"; PDF PPO is now generated; Inventory column updates
    • Back ordering added. New backorder column in inventory. Status is now assigned to each position in order and is shown in order details page
    • Pending orders column in inventory list is now a link that shows all orders with current product
    • Manual price for select products. If "Manual Price" attribute in product form is set to "Yes", product will be excluded from automatic price setting using price rules. Manual prices are highlighted with yellow background
    • Shippers added to admin drop-down menu; Orders added to production; Product reports menu added
    • Invoice tweaks: US/EURO account shown depending on order currency; Currency now shown correctrly in totals/shipping etc. Net Weight line added. Paypal Payment method added
    • Number of Pending and Paid Orders is now calculated for each product. Both appear on inventory page
    • Products can now be disabled using "Active" attribute set in product form. Only active products will show in client searches. Delete function for product is disabled. Inactive products are shown with yellow background in product list
    • Search box added to inventories page
    • Product quantity added to product form and now can be changed from there
    • Inventories updated from xls file provided by Susanna (feb12)
    • "Invited by" column added to users table; Now shows on index page
    • Simplified login for known clients; Users are now generated on the fly when invited by staff
    • 2 More product categories added: 'Set' and 'Special edition'
    • Client searches by price type (eu,eu2, usd2...) are now supported
    • Cart is now editable; Products can be individualy deleted and amounts can be changed
    • Cart changes: "Add" button instead of form with quantity; Products added one by one; Number next to cart now shows total number of pieces ordered, not number of unique items; User role-specific views for products
    • Weight added to product list. "Date Added" column removed.
    • Product list now has only one price column - Price EU. The same list uses proper client price in client view
    • Production view of the site now has only one menu - "inventory". Individual product details are shown when clicking on product code
    • Help file updated with more details on ordering process
    • Client list now has combined name, no phone number and added tax(%) column


    Jan 2020
    • Table Notes added to allow staff to keep notes about each table. This way Price table will have descriptions of which clients are using which price rules and so forth
    • 5 Different product views for 5 different user categories are now implemented. Users with less privileges will see less details.
    • 5 price models added; Now 8 in total. Tax, weight and shpping cost added. Shipping calculated based on weight and unit shipping cost; Invoice and PO modified to show more fields. See help file for more details
    • Total, shipping and discount on order details page now show correct currency, determined by client currency setting
    • Export function expanded. Now includes most important order attributes
    • Client Help section updated
    • Order search added. Currently supports searches by partial client name and partial order number, PO and Invoice number
    • 3 new attributes added to order table: Payment Method, Shipping and Discount. All three can be entered from edit order page. Total order value calculation modified accordingly.
    • Itemized reports can now be generated. They include details of each order.
    • # of items, and not just products, is now shown in reports;


    Dec 2019
    • Invite link added to Clients index page. This allows staff to send client an invitation to register to OMS, if they are not still registered. As usual, they will have to confirm their email clicking on activation link for their account to become active. Once that is done, client is registered with OMS and can start ordering products
    • "Data Integrity Check" function added to hamburger menu. This on is used to help staff find missing required fields in product and client tables
    • Client mailer now has test option: "send mail to staff only" button in preview
    • Preferred delivery and payment terms are now client attributes. These two are modifiable on per order basis, if required. They will appear on invoices as well as Notes field on order edit form
    • P.O and Invoces are now generated on order submission and can be downloaded on demand. APD PO/Invoices only at this time. Rough preliminary version
    • Reports are now functional. Many different filters to create them based on client, time frame, date range etc
    • Help pages are now divided into sections based on user type. Staff and admin help pages fist version
    • Admin functions moved to "hamburger" drop-down: Prices, Client Mailer, Export orders. These 3 are only visible to staff and admins
    • Invoice column added to active order list. Invoice number is generated same way as PO number.
    • Order status can now be changed by staff and admins directly from orders menu (last column)
    • Order email formatting changes; new columns added. Button takes to current order instead of order list.
    • Client mailer is now fully functional. Mails can be sent to 5 groups of clients based on client type
    • Client mailer prototype; reports prototype; jquery select2 for order drop-down prefill to speed up product search in
    • shopping cart contents made into a modal; columns added to placements list in orders
    • _staff_navigation partial bug fixed; cart indicator updated;
    • Session store added; Shopping cart ordering added; Orders can be created from products page or from orders (add to cart button)


    Nov 2019
    • For logged in clients product profile page now excludes following columns: manager, supplier and prices irrelevant to the client.
    • EUR/USD exchange is now handled; Totals are converted as per client's currency. Amounts are shown using client's locale
    • CSV export of all orders is implemented in admin section
    • Order filter by client added to order index page
    • show/edit/new pages are now shown as modals throughout the site
    • Suppliers, managers MVC added
    • Price rules are now implemented and placed in admin section. 3 different prices can now be applied to all products in database based on scale and category
    • Product pictures are imported, thumbnails created. New Ref codes are generated during import based on picture file name. Pictures are now shown in order email and on product profile page
    • 4 mailers implemented:
      • Client Order mailer: sends order confirmation email to the client
      • Staff Order mailer: sends notification of a new order to the staff users
      • Low product quantity alert: sends notifications to staff about low quantity of the product
      • New user registration alert: notifies staff of new user registration
    • New registered users are now assigned client role automatically if their email is registered in client database and confirmed by them as active
    • Basic inventory functionality is now implemented. Product quantity can be change on inventory index page