About APD Order Management System



  This project was initiated by Peter Ross and was implemented by Dmitri Ostapenko to handle preordering of model cars by our wholesale clients. It started in October 2018 and has a goal of alleviating some order processing headaches associated with previously used archaic tools and practices that don't scale up very well. This is an attempt to build a modern web-based tool with centralized database, designed to be user friendly and easy to use. Accessible from anywhere by users of different categories it allows for effective collaboration by our geographically diverse team. Our clients can now preorder their products online and follow their orders fulfillment.



Many tasks are automated. For example client registration is initiated with bulk invitation email sent with a click of a button to all known clients with email field present. After this invitation and email validation, clients are automatically registered into the system and can immediately begin ordering.

Another example is setting product prices. We use 'price models' based on product attributes like scale, brand, category and type. Staff can add these price rules into the system and then set new prices, both european and international, for all products with a click of a button. Changing prices using this method is a breathe.


Data integrity tests

System has online self-testing tool to check data integrity and help staff to find and fix possible problems and correct missing information. If, for example, product does not have associated picture or is not covered by price rule, this tool will point it out.



Up-to-the minute reports with different levels of detail can be generated by staff and clients on the fly and downloaded in PDF or CSV format. Both product and client reports are supported.


Inventory and Packing Lists

Dedicated staff person has access to inventory functions. Inventory template is downloaded and filled out, then uploaded back to the system. Current product availability will be updated on the fly.

Packing list pages handle all shipping related functions. Once packing list is uploaded, all orders will be updated to include information on which placements were shipped.



The project is still very much a work in progress and will evolve over time. Many thanks to Peter Ross, Andreas Mueller, Susanna, Sandra, Jana and many others who provided input and suggested changes. We hope to one day make it an indispensable tool for efficient ordering.


-- Feb 2021